• Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations – whole school street party on Friday, 27th May 2016

  • Half term holiday dates- Monday 30th May until Friday 10th June 2016 (2 weeks)
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Watersheddings is a Community Primary School catering for pupils aged 3 to 11. We deliver a well-balanced curriculum with experienced staff trained to a high level.  In addition to gaining language, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and technological skills, your child will build confidence, develop self-reliance, and learn to make decisions whilst developing the ability to articulate feelings and ideas.  We attach great importance to the development of the children’s social and emotional skills and seek to enable them to build relationships with other children and adults, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others and learn self discipline. We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences that will greatly benefit all children.

We aim to nurture a caring school with both adults and pupils supporting each other and the values of the school.

We feel that your involvement in this process is crucial and we will provide opportunities to keep you informed about the ways in which we are working and progressing with your child.  We are keen to have parental involvement at all levels and if you have any time to spare to come into school and work with us, you will be made very welcome.

To find out more please pay us a visit, it is only by talking to us and seeing for yourself that you will find out what our school is all about. We look forward to meeting you.



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Mr J. Crabtree

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J. Scott

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